Wedding Cats Portrait

Two of my dear friends are getting married on Saturday and I was finally able to give them their gift this evening. 

I've known Kayla since 2009. We met when we both worked at a used bookshop downtown and were mere babies. We very soon became friends and here we are! 2015! She's getting married this week and I am soo, soooo excited for her. Her future husband Ryan is so good for her and I'm so happy they met :)

This is the progression of the painting. I really only worked for four or five sessions to complete it including the initial drawing. Some places maybe have ten or so layers of paint. Watercolor is so fun to work with because you never know quite how it's going to behave (at least I don't!). I wanted it to have a fun cartoony aspect as well as take reference from old vintage cat portraits. Seriously. Google: vintage cat portrait and you'll see. So fun to work on, though, and I'm so happy I was finally able to unveil it tonight. Did you catch my wedding joke? I know, I'm hiiiiiiilarious.

Kayla and Ryan get married Saturday, October 10th. Let's all send them good vibes, great weather, and a happy life together.