DIY slightly unconventional wreath


To create this wreath, instead of using a typical ring I used a full circle. I made a similar piece this summer and it was displayed at my sister's wedding. I love how this simple alteration changes the impact of this piece from common door decor to a piece of art.

 I kept thinking about how much I loved the design of the piece I'd made for my sister and also how therapeutic creating it was. Earlier this month, I needed a mental health day. I've been overwhelmed with work, commitments, money, relationships and just liiiife and hadn't had time to create just for the sake of creating. Weaving is so incredibly rewarding, but I can't rely solely on one hobby.

It was the last 70 degree day we'll see here in Champaign until 2017 (depressing...) and I took full advantage of this by grabbing an extension cord, a hot glue gun, a bunch of fake flowers ($6 at Michaels for two gigantic bags!), and a full mug of coffee and moved out to my back deck and just started making. A can of gold spray paint was also involved. When it comes to me and DIY, when is it not?!

Supplies I used:
-Styrofoam circle
-Fake flowers/ greenery
-Hot glue gun
-yarn (to hang)
-Gold Spray paint
-Wire cutters and scissors

This really is not a tutorial, but hopefully some inspirational insight on how to create your own variation of a wreath! 

Displayed at my sister's wedding in June of 2016. 

Displayed at my sister's wedding in June of 2016.