My take on "The Band Wife" project in Rachel Denbow's book DIY Woven Art


I love this book. If you're interested in learning how to weave, this is the resource for you. Rachel has mad teaching skills.  


This project was adapted from a project featured inside her magical book. The pictures are fabulous! There are tutorials for lots of different woven projects and is a great resource for both seasoned and new weavers. Get a copy and start weaving! 


Woven Rug (Work) Day 3!



This rug took me three working days to complete. Super easy. Really fast. Thumbs up. The ends curled up a bit, so next time I'll adjust my tension when I get to the final few colors. I think this could also be caused by the woven trim, so I'll have to try another one to find out.  Regardess, I love the way this little accent rug turned out. I want to start another one, but am just about an hour away from finishing the woven design on my pillow before I can take it off the loom, so no rug work until that's completed. Sigh.