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Pet Portraits

Each painting is a 9x12 inch hand-painted watercolor portrait.

Before painting, I sketch the design for your painting and I will email you to confirm the layout if you prefer. I use quality paper and paints to make that drawing come to life. Each painting has a 4-5 week lead time, although this time may differ depending on the current queue.

To purchase, choose ‘Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait’. Send me 3-5 photos of the animal and please let me know if there is particular image you prefer that I work from. I may choose to combine multiple photos together to create the painting’s composition, so it’s very important that you provide multiple high-quality photos so that I can capture the animal’s features. I will add a wreath in your painting with the animal’s name (this is not an additional cost). Please include the wreath flower colors you would like at the time of purchase. If you don’t include your preference, I will paint a variety. When you send the photos, please include your name and the pet’s name.

Let me know if you have a particular time frame you need the painting by (AKA rush order!) and if I can work it into the schedule, I will.


Please ask if you have any questions! I LOVE painting pets and am eager to paint yours!

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