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  • Laura Lynn Reiss

Things I learned in 2020

Brain dump of things I learned in 2020 and am still learning everyday, morning mug style:

- feelings are not fact (what?)

- losing trust in yourself happens so slowly over time that you don’t see it and when someone points it out to you, it is glaring

- I can do hard things (quitting smoking, I’m lookin at u boo)

- sometimes you add the same thing to your to-do list every day/week/month and realize that it could have been completed in a matter of minutes, wasn’t that hard, and you fretted over it FOR ALMOST A YEAR

- a good pen is everything; it will inspire you to draw/write/believe in yourself

- giving yourself presents, celebrating the tiniest joys and treating yourself well isn’t selfish... it’s the FUCKING ANSWER to improving you and getting through this shit.

- buying local is the best gift to yourself and the people in your community (lookin at u @pageroastingcompany —that’s what’s in my #morningmug)!!!

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